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8-week OCS Study Plan

Outline of week by week material to cover. Plan for success and stick to the plan! This serves as a comprehensive and efficient list of necessary OCS content including study topics in our paid study documents and frequently used outside OCS test prep resources.

Paid OCS Study Documents

Unlock the true keys to success in passing the OCS. We include the details that matter, but leave out those that don’t, in order to Overhaul your test prep. All the essential “need to know” info condensed for you in easy to read study documents.

One-on-One OCS Prep Coaching

For those select few wanting the best possible chance at passing the OCS. Take the guesswork out of what you really know for the OCS. We offer one on one coaching with individualized sessions for test prep strategies and content review based on your needs. This option is offered with variable frequency (1x up to weekly sessions for our 8-week program). You gain access to real-time feedback and email communication with your own OCS Coaches. Overhaul to the max!

OCS Prep: Group Mentoring Calls

Weekly group video sessions to review pertinent information, discuss study strategies, answer questions on OCS content and format to prepare for game day. Option to access session recordings (whether you attended that session or not) with The Elite Package. These calls are the heart and soul of the prep program with accountability and real time mentoring to get you ready!

OCS Learning Strategies Resource

We delve into how best to learn OCS content, based on current learning science and tailored to the OCS test format. Take your learning to the NEXT LEVEL with these hacks for time efficient learning strategies.