Our Story

Rewind to the fall/winter of 2020 and 2021, where we were both busy clinicians studying for the 2021 OCS exam. Like so many things in that crazy year, we did the best we could to be effective, competent, and time efficient in our test prep. Leda was working in the clinic, teaching DPT students, and running her own SapiensMoves passion project for PT outreach. Nick was finishing up his orthopedic PT residency while working 50 hours a week in the clinic and preparing for an upcoming spine fellowship. Time was of the essence for our countdown to OCS test day!

The study group we created for ourselves was instrumental to our successful OCS test preparation (spoiler alert: we both passed and are orthopedic clinical specialists!). The weekly study calls kept us on track with clear objectives for study content, accountability, question/answer sessions and moral support. This year we have re-united with a new mission: offer to others the support and knowledge needed to pass the OCS. We have given our study materials a NEXT level Overhaul and update, but keep the goal the same: to get you ready to sit for the OCS with busy clinicians in mind.

Overhaul your OCS prep with time efficient strategies and only the “NEED TO KNOW” INFO and tactics to pass the OCS.

Study Smarter, Perform Better!